File & Disk Management

With the sophisticated and robust utilities in this category, now you can easily manage the files on your computer, and can run regular disk checks in order to avoid potential data/disk corruption, and to increase the overall performance of the hard disk drive that your computer has.

Splitting screenshot

Splitting 4.2

File splitter

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2005-01-06 14:05:48
Oakdoc DWG to PDF Converter screenshot

Oakdoc DWG to PDF Converter 3.1

OakDoc dwg to pdf converter.

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2012-10-02 23:20:02
Attribute Manager screenshot

Attribute Manager 5.58

Modify file and folder attributes in an easy.

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2017-07-31 22:15:35
ViFFO screenshot

ViFFO 1.2

Virtual Files & Folders Organizer

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2005-01-10 14:20:23
File Rules screenshot

File Rules 1.0

Keyword File Manager.

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2005-01-18 13:25:44
TotalPDFConverter screenshot

TotalPDFConverter 1.2

?onverts pdf to Doc, Excel, HTML or images

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2012-09-30 17:40:48
Criline Search and Replace screenshot

Criline Search and Replace 4.0

Search and replace utility.

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2005-10-24 00:00:01
Super Flexible File Synchronizer screenshot

Super Flexible File Synchronizer 7.01

File Synchronization/Backup Tool, Scheduler

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2014-11-10 21:05:21
Windows Recovery Software screenshot

Windows Recovery Software 3.0

Use Windows Recovery Software - Recover Data

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2012-10-06 13:48:40
DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery screenshot

DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery 3.5

Recover lost/corrupted files on CDs and DVDs!

4.53 MB
2012-09-30 17:41:37
C-Photo Recovery screenshot

C-Photo Recovery 1.62

Recover lost or corrupt digital pictures.

1.71 MB
2007-11-30 09:31:12
History Cleaner- Free Version screenshot

History Cleaner- Free Version 1.0

History Cleaner is an internet/file eraser.

1.91 MB
2005-02-02 13:04:05
R-Excel Recovery screenshot

R-Excel Recovery 1.2

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Recovery software

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2007-04-16 09:00:09
CharDiff screenshot

CharDiff 1.2a

Char-precise file and directory comparator.

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2005-02-03 13:05:33
Append Pdf Server (personal license) screenshot

Append Pdf Server (personal license) 1.1

Helps to merge pdf documents.

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2008-02-17 21:45:06
Recover Data for MS Backup screenshot

Recover Data for MS Backup 1.0

Recover Data for MS Backup Repair Tool

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2010-02-27 15:08:09
Fast Document Viewer screenshot

Fast Document Viewer 1.82

MS Excel, MS Word, Lotus, QuattroPro viewer.

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2009-05-29 00:00:01
Internet Browser Eraser screenshot

Internet Browser Eraser 1.0

Internet Browser Eraser is an eraser software

1.83 MB
2005-02-09 10:16:31
Digital MediaRescue Professional screenshot

Digital MediaRescue Professional 6.10

Recover lost multimedia files from all media.

1.62 MB
2013-10-29 20:55:55
Paragon Partition Manager (Personal) screenshot

Paragon Partition Manager (Personal) 7.0

Easy and reliable hard drive partitioning.

6.98 MB
2006-01-26 09:29:39
Ap TIFF To PDF Convert screenshot

Ap TIFF To PDF Convert 3.4

Tiff To PDF,tiff2pdf

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2012-09-30 17:44:40
XplorPlus screenshot

XplorPlus 1.4.8

A Windows Explorer Substitute With Extras

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2012-09-30 17:44:51
ViPNet Safe Disk screenshot

ViPNet Safe Disk 3.2.1(EN)

transparent "on-the-fly" data encryption

5.82 MB
2017-08-01 22:47:22
MDB Password Breaker screenshot

MDB Password Breaker 3.0

MDB Password Breaker

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2011-11-11 00:00:01
CD/DVD Data Recovery screenshot

CD/DVD Data Recovery

It recovers corrupted file from CD and DVD.

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2016-01-05 22:01:16
EF File Catalog screenshot

EF File Catalog 5.00

Powerful catalog program

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2017-05-16 22:31:58
AEVITA Wipe and Delete screenshot

AEVITA Wipe and Delete 1.04

Disk and file wipe utility.

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2006-03-05 19:56:33
Meta Commander Pro file manager screenshot

Meta Commander Pro file manager 1.2.19

Boost the speed of your file browsing

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2005-07-25 12:01:04
Zip File Recovery Software screenshot

Zip File Recovery Software 1.0

Advance Zip File Recovery Software

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2010-02-17 21:51:28
Manage Folder Now screenshot

Manage Folder Now 1.6

Hide folders and fastest way to jump folder.

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2012-09-30 17:47:17