Stop relying on slow web browsers to check and compose your emails. This category is precisely dedicated to popular and most commonly used email clients that make email checking and composing tasks quite simple and quick. Feel free to explore this section and get the best email client software for your PC.

GFI MailEssentials screenshot

GFI MailEssentials 2014

Anti-spam and email security for your mail servers

173.06 MB
2013-11-22 13:34:35
Lepide Remote Admin screenshot

Lepide Remote Admin 12.08.01

Administer single or multiple computers of a domai

4.74 MB
2012-09-20 08:54:44
Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook screenshot

Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook 1.0

Check Outlook email messages before sending

12.21 MB
2012-09-28 13:15:20
1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer screenshot

1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer 7.1

Send Personalized Email 1 by 1 for Emarketing

945.53 KB
2014-06-23 14:28:24
CodeTwo Email Signatures screenshot

CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.0

Signatures for Outlook, OWA and Office 365.

34.97 MB
2012-12-20 22:50:52
Windows File Server Auditing screenshot

Windows File Server Auditing 15.3

Audit Windows and NetApp file servers.

23.4 MB
2015-08-20 16:58:17
Windows Active Directory Audit screenshot

Windows Active Directory Audit 15.0

Windows Active Directory Audit

15 MB
2015-01-09 14:59:56
Windows Server 2008 Auditing screenshot

Windows Server 2008 Auditing 15.1

Audit Windows Server 2008 components.

15 MB
2015-06-16 15:56:36
File Server Change Auditor screenshot

File Server Change Auditor 15.2

Track NetApp and Windows file server events.

23.4 MB
2015-06-22 16:33:19
Mail Magic Professional screenshot

Mail Magic Professional 6

An easy to use email magazine tool.

14.6 MB
2013-05-18 20:10:46
HarePoint Custom Alerts for SharePoint screenshot

HarePoint Custom Alerts for SharePoint 1.0

Custom SharePoint alerts and notifications.

1.78 MB
2013-07-06 18:34:34
Event Log Tracking Software screenshot

Event Log Tracking Software 12.10.01

Incredible event tracking software

31.6 MB
2013-08-20 07:32:56
Mac Mail to Outlook Converter screenshot

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter 2.1.1

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter

11.03 MB
2013-09-23 20:48:05
Outlook Export Wizard screenshot

Outlook Export Wizard 5.9.5

A powerful export/backup tool for MS Outlook

12.07 MB
2017-04-08 19:09:05
GFI MailArchiver screenshot

GFI MailArchiver 2015

Email and file archiving software

154.13 MB
2014-12-02 14:36:04
SecuriSend screenshot

SecuriSend 1.1 Beta

Send encrypted messages across the internet

357.95 KB
2014-01-19 22:09:10
AutomaticMail screenshot


The program for mass dispatch of mail

2.07 MB
2015-03-29 15:37:33
AddressView screenshot

AddressView 1.72.1

Show the recipient address in incoming emails

5.49 MB
2015-08-07 20:30:23
Email List Validator screenshot

Email List Validator

Email List Validator - Email List Cleaning.

1.56 MB
2016-01-28 18:07:20
Bersoft Private Mail screenshot

Bersoft Private Mail 1.05

Secure email client. AES256 and RSA ciphers.

9.8 MB
2016-03-07 18:31:14