Browsers & Addons

This category contains the most recent versions of many of the popular and commonly used web browsers. The section also consists of almost all the available add-ons for all the browsers in order to make your Internet surfing experience flawless and entertaining.

TimelyWeb screenshot

TimelyWeb 4.2a

Don't miss web page updates.

2.17 MB
2005-06-09 15:21:49
Groowe Firefox Toolbar screenshot

Groowe Firefox Toolbar 1.5.5

Search major search engine from your toolbar

110.38 KB
2012-09-30 18:01:15
IE AutoLogin screenshot

IE AutoLogin 2.12

IE Password Manager for web auto-login.

1.43 MB
2012-09-30 18:04:19
FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition screenshot

FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition 5.0.3

Lightning fast internet information discovery

1.3 MB
2012-09-30 18:04:21
m9P Surfer screenshot

m9P Surfer 5.0

Very fast web browser by mental9Production.

2.1 MB
2006-03-13 20:05:15
IEBMaker screenshot

IEBMaker 1.22

IEBMaker creates Internet Explorer bars.

1.48 MB
2012-09-30 18:12:19
Offline Commander screenshot

Offline Commander 2.2

Download entire Web sites for offline browsin

3.35 MB
2005-08-01 13:28:07
SC Net Speed Booster screenshot

SC Net Speed Booster

Boost & optimize your Internet connection.

4.32 MB
2005-08-01 13:37:21
Ezilon Toolbar screenshot

Ezilon Toolbar 2.4

A pop up blocker, ability to search Ezilon.

632.48 KB
2005-08-01 14:38:04
Freeware Webcam Internet Browser Monitor screenshot Webcam Internet Browser Monitor 10.1

remote surveillance on the local webcam

6.63 MB
2012-10-06 20:48:12
Anonymous Forum Buddy screenshot

Anonymous Forum Buddy 2.7

Anonymous Forum Buddy masks IP address.

438.88 KB
2006-02-10 13:15:33
DzSoft Favorites Search screenshot

DzSoft Favorites Search 2.1

Search in Internet Explorer Favorites

752.45 KB
2012-09-30 18:31:29
Belkasoft BookaMark screenshot

Belkasoft BookaMark 2.02

Powerful Internet bookmark organizer.

2.91 MB
2005-08-27 00:00:01
Thinking Digital Info Desk screenshot

Thinking Digital Info Desk 3.0

Freeware news and sport on your desktop

840.5 KB
2005-09-15 00:00:01
Proxy Toolbar for MSIE screenshot

Proxy Toolbar for MSIE 1.4

Proxy configurations quickly and easily.

662.76 KB
2007-06-04 08:21:43
WebCloner Offline Browser screenshot

WebCloner Offline Browser 2.7

WebCloner is a site ripper, image downloader

3.86 MB
2012-09-30 18:58:21
DeltaSpy screenshot

DeltaSpy 1.6

Automatically check web sites for changes.

2.28 MB
2005-12-17 20:23:30
1st Internet Privacy Tool screenshot

1st Internet Privacy Tool

Protect your IE browser with this tool.

1.69 MB
2005-12-19 13:21:01
Recovery Toolbox for OneNote screenshot

Recovery Toolbox for OneNote 2.1.0

Fast and easy to use OneNote recovery tool

1.37 MB
2015-09-07 16:06:50
Guitar Solo Toolbar screenshot

Guitar Solo Toolbar 1.0

Find guitar information.

283.06 KB
2006-01-10 13:22:24
Chrysanth NETime Channel screenshot

Chrysanth NETime Channel 4.0

Transform Interent Explorer to an RSS reader!

4.26 MB
2012-09-30 19:44:16
01vlog Firefox search Plugin screenshot

01vlog Firefox search Plugin 1.0

Search vlogs with Firefox.

1.52 KB
2006-01-17 00:00:01
SV Bookmark screenshot

SV Bookmark 2.9

SV Bookmark is a visual bookmark manager.

3.57 MB
2012-09-30 19:48:15
Download3k Toolbar screenshot

Download3k Toolbar 1.0

Search for software from IE toolbar.

227.26 KB
2006-02-20 10:23:42
FineBrowser Freeware screenshot

FineBrowser Freeware 3.2.33

Open multiple sites at once and block pop-ups.

3.99 MB
2006-07-31 18:35:48
FineBrowser screenshot

FineBrowser 3.2.36

Open multiple sites at once and block pop-ups.

3.46 MB
2006-09-28 00:00:01
Ads Filter screenshot

Ads Filter 1.2.77

Powerful advert removal add-on for MS IE

782.43 KB
2012-09-30 19:53:58
ie quick saver screenshot

ie quick saver 1.3

allows you to instantly save web page

772.71 KB
2012-09-30 19:58:47
image quick saver screenshot

image quick saver 1.4

save web images by mouse quickly and easily

972.77 KB
2012-09-30 19:58:48
Explore Internet World Client screenshot

Explore Internet World Client 1.0

Every Time A New Internet.

21.7 KB
2006-04-21 00:00:01