Religion and Spirituality

All types of religious and spiritual information/tools can be found under this category. Such applications are very useful for religious individuals, especially the old age loved ones.

Advanced Bible Decoder Pro screenshot

Advanced Bible Decoder Pro 1.0.8

ABD bible code software : fast and easy

3.44 MB
2008-08-04 21:28:04
Dream Manifestation Wizard screenshot

Dream Manifestation Wizard 2.0.7

Manifest your goal, desire or life dreams

26.76 MB
2008-10-27 15:05:14
Alkitab Bible Study screenshot

Alkitab Bible Study 2.9.1

Alkitab is a free desktop bible study tools.

13.68 MB
2012-10-06 14:20:41
Numeyoga screenshot

Numeyoga 4.8.1

A complete and powerful numerology software

2.84 MB
2012-10-06 20:38:56
Powerful Affirmations screenshot

Powerful Affirmations 2.00

Work successfully with affirmations.

1.76 MB
2009-10-17 13:37:40
Edinamarry Oracle and Tarot screenshot

Edinamarry Oracle and Tarot 2.0

Free Tarot & Divinity Software for Windows 7

31.08 MB
2010-02-11 22:20:53
How To Do Meditation screenshot

How To Do Meditation

Here's How To Do Meditation

428 KB
2010-03-14 14:33:09
Query lucky time in life screenshot

Query lucky time in life V201102

Query lucky time in life

878.67 KB
2011-02-04 13:42:02
Multi Wave Solfeggio Frequency Generator screenshot

Multi Wave Solfeggio Frequency Generator 1.3.0

Rife Multi Wave Solfeggio Frequency Generator

2.01 MB
2013-06-16 13:49:46
YijingDao Oracle Database screenshot

YijingDao Oracle Database 1.01

Database for storing I Ching answers.

835.18 KB
2013-10-17 14:10:43
Oferenda Calendar 2014 screenshot

Oferenda Calendar 2014

Oferenda 2014 Calendar

9.64 MB
2014-01-19 22:10:07
Yoga Freeware screenshot

Yoga Freeware 3.8

Yoga and meditation articles, asanas.

4.28 MB
2014-11-30 23:49:54