Databases & Networks

Various networking tools and database applications can be found in this category. Such applications and tools can help you make the backend and connectivity of your programs quite robust.

DbMouse FREE screenshot

DbMouse FREE 6.4.1

Modern data manipulation tool

3.54 MB
2017-03-06 17:54:28
dbForge Fusion for SQL Server screenshot

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server 1.9

Powerful VS plugin for SQL Server management

20.74 MB
2015-09-14 17:38:50
Valentina Studio for Windows screenshot

Valentina Studio for Windows 6

FREE GUI Manager for popular databases

17.93 MB
2015-10-01 17:51:37
Seal Report screenshot

Seal Report 1.8

Easy to use database reporting tool

6.75 MB
2015-08-17 16:37:17
dbForge Fusion for Oracle screenshot

dbForge Fusion for Oracle 3.8

Visual Studio plugin for Oracle database

52.81 MB
2017-06-23 17:57:48
PowerShell Scripts for SQL screenshot

PowerShell Scripts for SQL 3.0

89 free SQL Server PowerShell scripts.

258.41 KB
2017-02-24 18:05:24
SQL Check screenshot

SQL Check

Real-time SQL Server performance monitoring.

2.68 MB
2017-02-24 18:05:17
SQL Integrity Check screenshot

SQL Integrity Check 1.1.1026.0

Run a CHECKDB integrity check anytime on-dema

3.01 MB
2015-02-03 16:23:31
SQL Fragmentation Analyzer screenshot

SQL Fragmentation Analyzer

FREE tool detects SQL Fragmentation

2.41 MB
2017-02-24 18:05:19
SQL Backup Status Reporter screenshot

SQL Backup Status Reporter

Display SQL Server backup history.

2.04 MB
2017-02-24 18:05:20
SQL Permissions Extractor screenshot

SQL Permissions Extractor 3.0

Copy user permissions across various versions

4.74 MB
2015-05-28 16:13:46
SQL Job Manager screenshot

SQL Job Manager

See jobs and identify job contention across m

12 MB
2016-03-30 18:36:53
dbForge Studio for SQL Server screenshot

dbForge Studio for SQL Server 5.4

IDE for SQL Server development & management

28.61 MB
2017-02-02 18:04:24
LINQ Insight screenshot

LINQ Insight 3.20

Add-in to Profile and Execute LINQ Queries

8.7 MB
2014-03-23 17:00:26
SQL Data Dictionary screenshot

SQL Data Dictionary v1.2.1

Generate data dictionary from SQL Server database

2.04 MB
2014-04-27 18:28:47
Review Assistant screenshot

Review Assistant 3.6

Code Review Tool for Visual Studio

11.46 MB
2017-03-01 18:40:14
Database Workbench Pro screenshot

Database Workbench Pro 5.10.0

Cross database engine developer IDE

28.81 MB
2015-03-18 15:17:31
DBF Reanimator screenshot

DBF Reanimator 1.10

Powerful tool to repair dbf files

625 KB
2016-12-19 18:53:42
DBF Script screenshot

DBF Script 1.10

Script language for managing dbf files.

1.13 MB
2016-12-19 18:53:45
Finereport screenshot

Finereport 7.1

professional flexible reporting software.

93.91 MB
2014-12-28 19:58:42
DTM Flat File Generator screenshot

DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.00

The tool generates test text/CSV files

1.73 MB
2016-07-19 21:47:55